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“Tri-Polar; Me, Myself, & Guy”

Who is Guy Torry?

In the tradition of comedians who have made the transition from the stage to the screen, such as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and many others, the multi-talented Guy Torry has made the leap stand-up to actor with great success. Guy Torry moved to Los Angeles, CA to join his two older brothers, famed comedian/actor Joe Torry, and now Retired US Army Lt. Colonel Ramon Torry, in 1992. He originally moved to Southern California to finish his education in pursing a degree in marketing. After moving there and being inspired by HBO’s Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam, and his brother Joe, Guy decided, that’s the career path he should take. Guy started hitting the comedy pavement, performing at comedy clubs in Los Angeles, sometimes going up 3 or 4 times a night while taking on odd marketing jobs, some work as an “extra” in music video’s, sitcoms, and films as well as a Production Assistant on the hit sitcom “MARTIN”. Staying focused and dedicated to stand up, Guy won his first comedy competition while competing with seasoned pros after only six months of doing comedy.
That gave him the confidence to pursue a career in comedy. After only two years in the game, Guy had a chance to audition for the very show inspired him to try stand up. Martin Lawrence the show’s host, stepped down, and Guy’s brother Joe was named as the new host. Bob Sumner, the show’s talent coordinator, gave Guy the green light for his stand up television debut which ended up being his big break.
Guy went on to join the national Def Comedy Jam Tour and play to sold out theaters around the country. He continued to perfect his craft while not on DCJ tour in local clubs and other clubs around the country. After securing a manager and agent, Guy started booking acting jobs, which raised his global profile. In 1995, after seeing a lack of industry coming down to the urban neighborhoods to scout some of the other Black comedians, Guy created, produced and hosted Phat Comedy Tuesdays at the world famous Comedy Store. Guy wanted to bring the “hood” to Hollywood to showcase up and coming Black talent. The show was a hit, and lasted for 10 years.
His acting career would flourish and he went on to guest star in television shows such as “Martin”, “Sparks” “NYPD Blue”, “The X-Files” and “The Shield” to name a few, but he also landed series regular roles in the sitcom “Good News” and “The Strip”. His big screen appearances include such films as, “Pearl Harbor”, “The Animal”, “Runaway Jury”, “Life” and the most critically acclaimed; “American History X”. Torry has toured the country and abroad displaying his brand of comedy and bringing laughs to every one. All of this attracted the attention of “The Kings of Comedy “ creator Walter Latham, who hired Guy to host the original tour, that with veteran comedians such as Cedric The Entertainer, the late Bernie Mac, and Steve Harvey. After a year of touring with the Kings’ , Guy decided to leave the show to pound the comedy pavement again, and work on his craft.
He currently tours the country hitting comedy clubs and theaters putting together the right set for a comedy special. He also is in pre-production with a documentary about “Phat Tuesdays” and has several television, film, and book projects in the works. But he still finds time every Wednesday to help with “My Friend’s House” foundation in Los Angeles where they feed, clothe and pray for the homeless on Skid Row.

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